Elementary School May Leaders of the Pack


Brayden Silva Diaz -  Brayden has been working so hard at school, he always is willing to help others learn too! He has also been helpful to anyone that is new in our room learn all about 4K!

Dilan Silva Pascual -  Dilan has been pushing himself to try his best in all parts of our day, he comes in with a smile on his face and the want to learn!

Luna Rovelo -  Luna has shown great growth in taking responsibility at school and does a wonderful job of saying "please" and "thank you." She never fails to put a smile on our faces. We are so proud of her!

Aylin Aguilar Ortiz -  Aylin is a very kind friend and shows responsibility in and out of the classroom! She has really come out of her shell and we are lucky to have her.

Cynthia Tzanahua -  Cynthia has done a great job this month of getting to school. At school she has been able to form very strong relationships with friends and is making a lot of progress academically. We love having her at school!!!

Ellie Valdovinoa-Silguero -  Ellie has grown so much throughout this school year. She is doing a great job of playing by peers, trying new foods, and responding to adults. She is talking a lot more and really enjoys being at school and exploring her classroom. We are so proud of you Ellie!!

Melanie Arias Luke -  Melanie has a very kind heart! She is a good friend to everyone! Her smile is contagious!


Hadley Moreno Tronrud -  Hadley has worked hard to develop her leadership skills and influence her classmates to make good choices at school. She consistently participates in lessons and helps others learn. She is respectful, responsible, and safe. We are proud of you, Hadley!

Mia Sandoval Sandoval -  Mia works hard on showing PAW Pride in the classroom. She raises her hand to answer questions. Mia is also a kind friend to all her classmates.

Michael Skinner -  Michael has come such a long way this year! He has really come out of his shell and has improved so much in his reading skills. He is becoming more confidant in himself everyday and has been such a joy to have in the classroom. He always tries his hardest and helps others in the classroom. Well done Michael!

Samantha Diaz Lorenzo -  Samantha shows up to school with a smile on her face each morning. She is always working hard and trying her best, even on difficult tasks. Thanks for showing Paw Pride at school, Sami!

Aaron Maldonado Cruz -  Aaron has been such a handworker lately. He is always listening, which in turn is helping him learn. Keep being Respectful, Responsible and Safe Aaron!

Dylan Rodriguez Barranco -  Dylan works so hard each and every day. He is kind to his classmates and teachers, and he truly cares about his learning. He's a quiet leader, and our classroom is a better place because of him.

Maryjane Agustin Agustin -  Maryjane is one of the kindest young ladies we know. She appreciates all her classmates and frequently makes drawings for them. She shows empathy to others and tries hard to make respectful, responsible, and safe choices. She also makes great connections when learning new things!


Jean Carlo Feria Lopez -  Jean Carlo shows PAW Pride in and out of the classroom on a daily basis. He is an excellent friend to everyone and is a great leader. He strives to do his very best on everything without complaints. Keep up the great work!

Giovanni Tepole- Montalvo -  Giovanni is a great example of being respectful, responsible and safe. He greets his classmates with a smile every day. Giovanni tries his best with his school work. And raises his hand to participate in class discussions. Keep up the great work! 

Jonathan (JP) Romero -  JP is very respectful and kind to others. He follows PAW Pride expectations and really tries his best. He is always willing to help out his friends with a smile. Great job, JP!

Uziel Porras Delgado -  Uziel has been working very hard to show PAW Pride. He has been making great choices and always starts his day off with a huge smile. Keep up the good work Uziel!


Gracie George -  Gracie has been working really hard in the classroom. She demonstrates Paw Pride throughout the building and has been an awesome example to others.

Derek Bautista Garcia -  Derek has been showing paw pride by raising his hand and participating in our lessons. He is polite and kind to others. He tries his best and helps others. Keep up the good work Derek!

Sophia Meier -  Sophia shows PAW Pride by following classroom expectations and working hard to complete her jobs everyday. She comes to class focused and ready to learn. Sophia leads others by encouraging them to try their best. Sophia uses what she know about empathy to help others and show kindness.

Cristian Avalos Sonsalla -  Cristian follows school expectations. He shows good leadership skills in the classroom. Keep up the good work Cristian.

Daniel Hernandez Cruz -  Daniel has done a great job showing Paw Pride. We’ve been working hard on being respectful learners in the classroom. He always raises his hand and shows kindness when others are sharing.


Wyatt Kreher -  Wyatt is always showing PAW PRIDE by being respectful, responsible, and safe in the classroom. Wyatt always shows kindness to everyone he comes into contact with and is always helping out.

Zoe Feria Lopez -  Zoe has been trying her best and showing great PAW PRIDE in and out of the classroom. After moving away, then moving back, she has been flexible and seemed to continue with her learning and kindness where she left off. Thanks for being a good leader, Zoe.

Jesus Gomez Guerrero -  Jesus shows Paw Pride at school. He gets his work done quickly and efficiently. He is a good friend to everyone!

Israel Vergara Hernandez -  Israel spreads joy and kindness everywhere he goes! He makes sure that the people around him know how much he appreciates them! He works very hard in the classroom and perseveres with all the tasks that are given to him! Israel is a leader in our school!

Jesus Aguilar Gomez -  Jesus is respectful to his classmates. He has been responsible with his learning throughout the year.


Dulce Rojas -  Dulce has been working so hard in class, making sure her work is completed and is her best quality work. Keep up the great work Dulce!

Jeannette Hernandez Vasquez -  Jeannette is a fantastic leader in our classroom and is always working hard to do her very best. Keep up the great work Jeannette! :)

Cassidy Kupka -  Cassidy has a great sense of humor and brings great energy to our classroom discussions. She is always eager to answer and share her views and ideas!

Litzy Maldonado Ortiz -  Litzy is engaged in the classroom and likes to participate in class discussions. She is helpful to the other students and she is very kind to everyone.

Alan Valdiviezo Flores -  Alan has worked very hard this year in reading and math. He has started to volunteer more for answering questions and always brings a great sense of humor to the classroom.

Mia Sanchez Ortiz -  Mia continues to work very hard in her reading and math and has become confident in her abilities. It has been a joy to teach Mia. She is funny, creative, and likes to participate in our classroom work and discussions.

Mileydi Aguilar -  Mileydi enters each morning with a smile and a question. She is always thinking of what her day will bring and how she will make it better. Mileydi has shown responsibility each day by remembering the things she needs to be prepared for her day. Her organizational skills are unmatched. She also is a great role model for others!

Ashley Romero Aguilar -  Ashley is respectful, responsible, and safe. She is responsible for her learning. She always does the extra practice at home to make sure she is succeeding at school. She is friendly to all and is helpful to those who need it.

Kenia Jimenez Lopez -  Kenia is a hard working students who loves to learn! Way to go, Kenia!

Dylan Luque Montalvo -  Dylan has shown a lot of amazing growth this year both academically, and personally! I am so proud of his hard work!

Abigale Poeschel -  Abi is always trying her absolute best in class, and isn't afraid to ask for help! She should be proud! Way to go Abi!