Elementary School June Leaders of the Pack


Samantha Milla Murillo-  Samantha shows Paw Pride in the classroom by working hard on her daily work and helping her neighbors. She is a great listener and loves to help a friend in need.

Aidan Isidoro -  Aidan is a very happy friend that loves to come to school. He shows Paw Pride each day when he takes turns with friends at recess, sings all of our songs at group time and shares his creative stories with his teachers. We love having Aidan in our class!

Isabella Cuaquehua Sanchez -  Isabella has gained so much confidence in the few months that she has joined us! She initiates interactions and participates in activities. She writes her name and sits and listens to stories!

Ediel Cruz -  Ediel joined our class in March. He has made huge gains in a short amount of time! He whispers to his teachers has learned classroom routines! This week he has mastered 8 sounds!!! Way to go Ediel! We are so glad you joined us!

Alan Cacari Quetzecua -  Alan is always willing to ask questions! Alan has started to take pride in his work and always doing his best! He is also starting to solve "little deals" with his friends!

Kehiry (Katie) Ruiz Lorenzo -  Kehiry is a happy & helpful member of our class! She loves to help her teachers& her friends. Her smile brings joy to everyone she meets!

Thomas Bender-  Thomas has grown so much throughout the school year and has become a caring and helpful friend to others! His big heart shines through in these moments and we are very proud of him in many ways!

Eivin Leon Ortiz -  Eivin recently showed great responsibility and care following a situation with another friend. He went as far as writing and drawing an apology note for his friend, and since then has been keeping his body safe while playing fairly with others! We're proud of Eivin!

Marvin Maldonado Reyes -  Marvin has always come to school with excitement and a readiness to learn! He has grown to show a great amount of care towards others, and is always willing to help!

Elias Hernandez-Gonzalez -  Elias is an exceptional student. He is so fun, works very hard, and has grown tremendously. I am so proud of him and am so glad we got to spend 4K together. You are going to rock Kindergarten!

Ericsson Juan Dominguez- Ericsson has grown a lot this year. His has worked very hard on focusing his attention. He is able to independently work through multi-step directions and care for all of his own needs. We are so proud of you Ericsson!

Ximena Sayago -Ximena has come so far! She is very kind to everyone and is full of joy! She always has a big smile for everyone and gives great hugs! Ximena you will do great in Kindergarten!ar. She shows concern for others. She uses her words to calmly explain her needs or concerns with her friends. She has grown into a happy & caring young lady.


Dulce Pascual Mercado -  I am so proud of how far Dulce has come this school year. She has made amazing gains both socially and academically. Way to go Dulce, keep up the great progress!

Emely Lorenzo Perez -  Emely has made outstanding gains this year academically and socially. She comes to school each day excited and ready to learn. Her reading abilities are awesome. I am so proud of you Emely, keep up the amazing work!

Joana Dominguez Vazquez -  Joana shows Paw Pride by being respectful, responsible, and safe during the school day. Joana is a great participant and an amazing friend. Thanks for showing Paw Pride, Joana!

Geovanny Bautista Lopez -  Geovanny has been doing a great job of being responsible at school. He participates in class, completes his work to the best of his ability, and always tries his hardest! Great job, Geovanny.

Victoria Kupietz-  Victoria has been working really hard to show Paw Pride at school. She has been very responsible during the school day by participating in class, using listening ears, and working very hard! Great job, Victoria.

Yuritzi Maldonado Cruz -  Yuritzi is a very hard worker. She always tries her best and follows directions the first time. She is ALWAYS kind and respectful in the classroom. She is a great example of paw pride. Good job, Yuritzi!

Nova Valle Andrade- Nova has been doing a great job of showing PAW Pride in the classroom! She works hard in the classroom and is kind to all of her friends. Great job, Nova!

Brayden Silva Feria- Brayden is a great helper at school. He finishes his work on time, uses a safe body on the playground, and uses his eyes, ears, mouth, and calm body to listen on the carpet. We are so proud of you, Brayden!

Yeudiel Cadena Bazan- Yeudiel came to us in March as a newcomer. He was a great addition to our classroom and quickly learned the rules and expectations. He has worked hard to learn all the kindergarten letter sounds, counts to 100 and even blends some CVC words in English! Yeudiel, I have really enjoyed you in our classroom. Keep up the great work!

Sofia Bonilla Morales- Sofia is consistently one of the first students ready and listening. She completes her work carefully and always tries her best. She has learned to use her voice in small groups, and it is so nice to hear what she has to say! Keep working hard, Sofia!


Eimy Garcia Santiago -  Eimy shows PAW Pride by staying focused and being ready to learn every day, her enthusiasm to learn is contagious and motives other students to do their best. She is respectful and kind to everyone around her.

Brandon Maldonado- Ortiz - Brandon has been a fantastic example of PAW pride this entire school year. He completes his work neatly and tries his best. He is always following rules and expectations without being asked or reminded.

April Cruz Sandoval - April has been a fantastic example of PAW pride this entire school year. She has made HUGE gains academically and comes to school each day ready to do her best. Her peers look to her as an example of how to show PAW pride.

Samantha Diaz Lorenzo - Samantha is shows PAW pride during class. She is a great listener, and she always tries her best. She has great work habits and is a very responsible and kind student.

Brandon Sandoval Vasquez- Brandon is a very hard worker who always tries his best. He helps his friends to be successful in class, and he is very respectful to staff and his fellow students.

Brayden Sanchez Gomez- Brayden is a happy, talkative 1st grader and friends with everyone. Brayden has had high academic growth this year. He is very responsible, has one of the cleanest desk, does all his work and picks up after himself. Good luck in 2nd year Brayden!!

Josue Pablo Lopez- Josue is a star student. He has always been respectful, kind and helpful to his classmates. He is always engaged, attentive, and volunteering to give answers. Josue is a great reader and understands the more reading he done on his own, the better reader he has become. Josue, you will do wonderful things in 2nd grade.

Connor Sonnentag- Connor is a star student. He has always been respectful, kind and helpful to his classmates. He is always engaged, attentive, and volunteering to give answers. Connor is a great reader and understands the more reading he done on his own, the better reader he has become. Connor, you will do wonderful things in 2nd grade.

Addison Hoover- Addison has been working very hard this year to show PAW pride. She is always willing to help a friend and be a friend. Way to go Addison! I am so proud of you!

Yaretzi Garcia- Yaretzi has been a great addition to our class. She shows PAW Pride and comes to school ready to give it her all. Great job, Yaretzi!

Ian Jiminez- Ian has been working hard to show PAW pride in school. He comes to school ready to learn and has been very respectful towards students and adults. Great Job Ian!

Gael Herrera- Gael has continuously shown what a leader is, we can always count on Gael to do the right thing. Thanks for coming to school with a smile on your face and ready to learn!


Miranda Zuniga Hernandez -  Miranda has been working hard to be respectful, responsible, and safe in all areas of the school. Keep up the good work!

Michelle Badillo Hernandez -  Michelle has been doing a great job advocating for herself and trying things on her own before asking for help. She has made some great academic gains this year and persevered through difficult tasks. So proud of you Michelle!

Yami Maldonado Aguilar -  Yami shows PAW Pride by coming to class focused and ready to learn. Yami shows kindness and empathy to everyone. She raises her hand to participate and share her ideas. Yami is a leader in the classroom because she works hard and tries her best.

Luis Ortiz-Ortiz -  Luis comes into school each day ready to learn! He always participates and uses whole body listening. Luis shows PAW Pride throughout the entire school and demonstrates kindness to everyone. Keep up the great work Luis!

Jonathan Cruz Silva - Jonathan is someone I can depend on to be a leader and always do what he is supposed to do. He has also worked so hard this year and grown his Reading and Math skills.

Said Cruz Sandoval- Said is a leader. He shows initiative and drive to learn new things. He's writing his own comic book series, which has inspired other students in the class to write their own as well.



Joshua Mantufar Ramirez- Joshua is always showing Paw Pride and doing the right thing. He is very kind and helpful in the classroom. Joshua is a true leader in my classroom.

Iker Aguilar Hernandez -  Iker has been displaying great responsibility in the classroom and a lot of respect. Iker is very kind to people and always willing to help out in the classroom.

Gloricely "Elly" Montalvo-George- Elly tries very hard everyday in class. When another student was being mean and trying to get Elly in trouble, she used great SEL skills and removed herself from the situation, and informed an adult.

Bryan Cruz Cruz- Bryan is always respectful to his teachers, classmates and staff. Bryan goes out of his way to help his teacher and welcome new students to our class. Great job, Bryan!

Lourdes Herrera Chavez- Lourdes has shown great friendship and kindness, especially with new students that have become a part of our class. She is helpful and continues to try her best with everything every day. Great job, Lourdes!!


Ashley Ortiz Hernandez -  Ashley has had such an amazing 4th grade! She works very hard and has grown in both math and ELA. She is very kind to the other students and is a great class leader. Thank you Ashley!

Andy Feria Arias - Andy is a nice young man who gets along well with everyone! He works very hard in class and displays PAW Pride wherever he goes! Thanks Andy!

Osvaldo Ortiz Cruz - Osvaldo has had such a great year of growth! His ELA and math scores are up! He is polite and respectful to everyone. Osvaldo, you should be very proud of your 4th grade year! Thank you Osvaldo!

Iker Cruz Bautista - Iker has had an amazing year! He works so hard in ELA and math, and his growth in scores shows his determination! Iker is very kind to his classmates as well. Thank you Iker!

Erik Blas-Silva - Erik is such a great learner and has learned so much this year. He has really opened up and shown everyone how much of a math wizard he is! Keep up the great work Erik!

Ivan Rodriguez- Ivan has taken on a leadership role in the classroom. He is always willing to help, volunteer, and answer questions. I am so happy to be able to have Ivan in our class!

Christopher Silva Herrera- Christopher is always on task and helping others. He shows Paw Pride in everything he does. I am so proud of what he has accomplished this year!

Maya Ortez- Maya has been a great addition to our class this year. She is always safe, respectful, and safe. Maya is kind and helpful.

Levi Maldonado Cruz- Levi has always been so helpful for me! He is always willing to get my lunch out of the fridge, help me with tasks, and help my trainers for Bal-A-Vis-X. Stay Awesome Levi!

Alexander Lopez Sandoval- Alex has been responsible and doing extra work at home to improve his learning. He has been respectful and raising his hand in class to participate. He has reminded others of the expectations in the classroom. Alex has been a leader.

Michelle Cruz Ortiz- Michelle has been working very hard this year to reach her academic goals. She gives everything her best effort and makes sure that her work is completed to the highest of quality.

Jesus Aguilar Gomez- Jesus has been a leader in our classroom the entire year. He has set a positive example for both behavior and work ethic. He is very motivated to learn and does a great job challenging himself each and every day! Keep it up Jesus!