Elementary School February Leaders of the Pack


Irvin Cruz Cruz -  Irvin always brings a smile and positive attitude to class! He tries his best with everything he does!

Maeve O'Rourke -  Maeve shows paw pride by working hard and encouraging those around her to do their best as well.

Yatzil Mendoza Feria -  Yatzil has transitioned into our classroom so well! She has shown paw pride by being safe, responsible and respectful. She is a great example for those around her!

Alessandro Rodriguez -  Alessandro has had a great month. He is has adjusted to the new support in our classroom very well. He has been independent in completing his work, participating in our classroom activities, and he has started talking and repeating words throughout the day. We are all so very proud of you!

Allisson Ortiz Cruz -  Allisson has shown some great strengths in the classroom. She is always ready to answer my questions, loves to help her friends in the classroom, and loves to help the teachers. She follows the routines and helps her friends follow them as well.

David Ortiz Alejo -  David almost always comes into the classroom with a big smile on his face, ready for the day! He has become very independent since the beginning of the school year and shows his love for learning each day. David is also a very caring friend!

Angel Ardon Rosario -  Angel has such a big heart and shows it through caring for others. His kindness shines through each day in his ability to make every friend feel included!

Emilio Gomez -   


Josue Espinoza Madrid -  Josue has been working very hard at being respectful, responsible, and safe in the classroom. He has made amazing progress since the beginning of the school year and I am very proud of his efforts. He is helpful in the classroom and is quick to want to help others. Way to go Josue!

Gadiel Sandoval Sandoval -  Gadiel does an excellent job showing paw pride in our room. He comes in each day ready to learn, and always helps his friends do the right thing! Keep it up, Gadiel!

Edric Vasquez Sanchez -  Edric is a leader in class. He is respectful, responsible, and safe in all areas of the school. He participates in class by raising his hand and talking about what we are learning. He does his best work each and every time. Way to go, Edric!

Jazlyn Garcia Martinez -  Jazlyn is a wonderful student in the classroom! She is Respectful, Responsible and Safe! She is a great friend to others and I don't have to worry about her when it comes time to listen and work. Keep up the great work Jazlyn!

Saori Maldonado Aguilar -  Saori does an excellent job of showing Paw Pride in the classroom. She is very kind and respectful to others and always tries her hardest.

Jack Ortiz Garcia -  Jack show Paw Pride by being respectful in the classroom and on the playground. He is so kind and polite to all of his friends and teachers. Way to go, Jack!


Daisy Feria Espitia -  Daisy shows Paw Pride everyday in the class room. Daisy is kind and respectful to other students. Daisy actively participates is class. Daisy takes pride in her work and always turns in neat work. Daisy is a joy to have in class.

Kevin Juan Miguel -  Kevin is a joy to have in class. Kevin actively participates in his own learning and puts in 100% effort in everything he does. Kevin works hard and is doing great!

Scarlett Reyes Cruz -  Scarlett excels at showing PAW pride in all areas of the school. In the classroom she is always willing to help out other students who need it. She is eager to learn new things. And always tries her best.

Maria Feria Espitia -  Maria has a positive attitude and works hard in the classroom. She is a great friend to all of her classmates. She leads by example and is always ready to learn new things!

Jazmin Salmeron -  Jazmin is a very respectful and responsible student. She is a great helper in our classroom and she always tries her hardest with schoolwork. She is a great role model for others!

Genesis Bautista Jose -  Genesis comes to school ready to learn. She works and tries hard at all she does.

Gael Hernandez Vasquez -  Gael is a very hard worker in first grade. He always tries his best, and he is very respectful to teachers and peers. Great job, Gael!

Alitza Silva Feria -  Alitza always comes to school ready to learn. She is a great friend and always tries her hardest. Keep up the hard work Alitza!!

Elias Howard -  Elias works hard to show Paw pride in school. He works hard in class and helps his classmates when needed. He’s a great leader inside and outside of class.


Cesar (Cecilio) Cacari Quetzecua -  Cesar has been working so hard in and out of the classroom. He has been respectful, responsible, and safe. He is polite and kinds to students and staff members. Keep up the good work Cesar!

Alicia Hernandez Reyes -  Alicia has been doing a great job of participating in our learning! She has shown great growth in her Winter testing scores and I know it's because of her effort in the classroom! Great job Alicia!

Alan Rojas Ortiz -  Alan has been showing excellent paw pride by persevering through difficult tasks and trying his best. He follows whole body listening and makes sure to participate across all settings. He is a leader in the classroom for showing respect, responsibility and safety! Keep up the great work Alan!

Mia Luque -  Mia always comes to school with a positive mindset and is excited to learn. She demonstrates being a great leader by actively participating and being engaged. Mia shows PAW Pride throughout the entire school. Keep up the great work Mia!


Ariana Navarro-Espinosa -  Ariana is always showing PAW Pride in my classroom and influencing others to do the same. She goes above and beyond to show kindness. She will pick up things around the classroom and clean up messes. Ariana is always making sure her classmates are ok or if they need help.

Maia Sanchez Sandoval -  Maia is respectful at all times in school. She is kind to her classmates and teachers. Maia is responsible and always gets her work done and tries her best. Great job Maia!

Aylin Ortiz Reyes -  This student has shown a lot of perseverance. She is also kind and respectful to every one she encounters throughout the day.

Dennyse Sandoval Sandoval -  Dennyse is a good friend and kind to everyone. She is also working on being a good problem solver when things don't go quite right. Dennyse also continues to do her best with everything she is learning in the classroom. GREAT JOB, DENNYSE!


Jessica Ortiz Ortiz -  Jessica has been a great leader in our classroom and treats everyone with respect. She is always giving her best effort and is not afraid to take on a challenge. Keep up the great work Jessica! Jessica ha sido una gran líder en nuestra clase y trata a todo el mundo con respeto. Ella siempre da su mejor esfuerzo y no tiene miedo de asumir un reto. ¡Sigue así Jessica!

Christopher Silva Herrera -  Christopher has shown hard work and dedication this year. He is writing more, raising his hand more, and showing great decision making! Keep up the great work Christopher!

Abraham Barrientos Cendejas -  Abraham has been working extremely hard in his math and reading skills! Way to go! Keep it up!

Arantza Colin Arriaga -  Arantza is showing great growth this year! She is on top of her work, and is not afraid to ask questions! Way to go!

Angela Perez Zacarias -  Angela works very hard in our class. She is always kind to others and very respectful. Her classwork is very well done and she is a joy to have in class!

Isaias Agustin Miranda -  Isaias comes to class every day and works hard. He has improved his math and reading through his dedication and making sure he knows what's expected of him. Thank you Isaias!

Cesar Sandoval Ortiz -  Cesar has steadily improved his whole classroom presence. He comes in and works hard, he seeks help when he needs it, he helps around the classroom, he is a very nice young man. Thank you Cesar!