Elementary School February Leaders of the Pack


Maleiny Cruz Reyes -   Maleiny is very kind to everyone in and out of our classroom. She works hard to make sure she is doing her best and being safe, respectful and responsible.

Keily Murillo Ortiz -  Keily has been working so hard in the classroom! She is always on task and following expectations!

Erika Cruz Sandoval -  Erika has grown so much this school year! She comes to school with a smile on her face ready to learn! She shows paw pride by taking her time and doing her best work. She is a respectful listener who always has her eyes watching and ears listening during stories!

Brittany Silva Herrera -  Brittany leads her class by quiet example. She always put toys away without being reminded. She is very artistic and takes great pride in her work!

Ariany Izaguirre Carreon -  Ariany is a wonderful student. She always does her best quality and focuses on her work. She is very kind to everyone and very helpful to the teachers. She is quite shy, but starting to open up more and more every day. Great job Ariany.

Diego Hernandez-Ortiz -  Diego was chosen for PAW Pride this month because he has started trying all of his food. He is a very picky eater, but he is now willing to try most things and has found he likes a lot of the foods we serve at school. He also shows PAW Pride by playing very nicely with his peers and has become a comedian in our classroom. He knows how to help others smile when they are sad. Way to go, Diego.

Adolfo Ortiz Lopez -  Adolfo is ALWAYS kind to others and ALWAYS uses his best listening rules no matter where we are. He is a great example for his friends and is the first to help others when needed!!

Lydia Coenen -  Lydia is happy every day she comes to school! She looks out for her friends to make sure they are included in activities and has fun along the way!

Kenneth Suares Mejia -  Kenneth is very quiet but he loves to show his friends and teachers his creations. He has a lot of fun making new friends and building big creations with them!


Richard Sandoval Sandoval -  Richard is a kind and sweet student to everyone he meets. He always tries his hardest and is respectful to his classmates and peers. I always look forward to Richard's deep and thoughtful questions during our class discussions. Keep up the amazing work Richard! You are such a joy to have in class!

Janay Diaz Reyes -  Janay is an excellent example of Paw Pride. She is always responsible and completes her work quickly and efficiently. She is very kind to all peers and teachers. Thanks for showing Paw Pride, Janay!

Damon Rebolledo -  Damon has been incredibly helpful and focused lately, and we really appreciate how hard he works to make our classroom a good place for everyone to learn. He's a quiet leader, and does the right thing even if nobody is watching. Damon, we are so proud of you!

April Cruz Sandoval -  April is doing a fantastic job in the classroom and all areas of the school. She can be counted on to be a great example of showing others how to be safe, responsible, and respectful. Keep doing a great job, April!

Daniela Perez Mejia -  Daniela has been working really hard in school and it shows in her academics. She is being respectful, responsible and safe, as well. Keep working hard Daniela.


Emelia Bagniewski -  Emme is a wonderful example of how to show PAW Pride! Each day she comes in prepared to learn and have fun. Her positive attitude makes the day enjoyable for all. Emme is a hard worker in every subject and is always willing to help a friend. Keep up the great work Emme!!

Zureidy Aguilar Hernandez -  Zureidy always comes to school with a smile on her face. She works hard to complete all of her work and shows PAW Pride in and out of the classroom. Keep up the great work!

Montserrat Sandoval Sandoval -  Montserrat is a responsible and kind helper in our classroom. She follows directions and is a hard worker.

Daleyza Feria Arias -  Daleyza is a wonderful student. She works hard, giving 100% effort all the time. She works quietly and completes her work is a timely fashion. She is kind and polite to everyone. Daleyza shows Paw Pride everyday in everything she does.

Cecilia Silva-Herrera -  Cecilia is an excellent leader in and out of the classroom. She strives to do her very best and to be a friend to everyone. Keep up the great work!


Sebastian Martinez -  Sebastian shows PAW Pride by participating in class, trying his best, and respecting others. He is a leader in the classroom and encourages others to show PAW Pride. Sebastian comes to class ready to learn and shares positivity with the whole class.

Adelle Krista -  Adelle shows kindness towards others and is always willing to help. She takes responsibility in her learning and chooses to try her best each day. Adelle shows PAW Pride by making respectful and safe choices and encourages others to do so as well.

Yanelly Dominguez Sabillon -  Yanelly comes to school with a smile on her face and she is ready to learn. She shows paw pride in the classroom, hallways, and playground. She is polite and kind others. Keep up the good work Yanelly!

Bryan Cruz Cruz -  Bryan follows all classroom expectations. He is very engaged in our classroom discussions and I can count on him to try and figure out the answers to problems. He is always trying his best. Keep up the good work Bryan.

Leilani Aguilar Ortiz -  Leilani comes to school ready to learn every day. She is helpful and kind to her classmates. She works hard and never gives up.

Josselyn Bautista Aguilar -  Josselyn is working very hard at school. She is a Respectful, Responsible, and Safe student who also shows kindness to her classmates and teachers. Keep up the great work Josselyn!

Edwin Vasquez Lopez -  Edwin is new to our school, but quickly learning many things! Edwin is quick to raise his hand during learning time, and willing to answer questions, even though he doesn't always understand what is being asked. I love seeing his enthusiasm for learning and his willingness to join in!


Lea Coronado Tomas -  Lea demonstrates great leadership in the classroom. She follows classroom and school expectations. Lea also takes initiative to focus and complete her work. I appreciate that she always tries her best, as she always states. Thank you for always showing PAW Pride, Lea!

Tatiana Romero -  Tatiana is always showing Paw Pride and being a leader in the classroom. She is always reminding classmates of their jobs and helping the classroom stay clean. I appreciate the hard work and dedication she puts in to being a leader in my classroom!

Easton Densmore -  Easton is working hard showing PAW Pride. He always comes to school feeling happy. He also does well with being assertive and puts a lot of effort on his assignments. Keep up the good work, Easton!

Bryanna Sandoval Zarate -  Bryanna has always shown PAW pride in and out of the classroom. She is very caring and a good friend. She is respectful and helpful with her classmates and adults, wherever she is. She shows kindness and patience with herself and others.

Miranda Rebolledo Hernandez -  Miranda is always kind and caring. She works hard and always tries her best.

Evelyn Cacari Silva -  Evelyn is always willing to go above and beyond to be a helper in Raider's ARK! She is a kind friend and positive leader with other students.

Andy Feria Arias -  Andy works hard in the classroom. He is kind and respectful to everyone!

Sophia Mendoza Zarate -  Sophia is always kind, safe, and responsible. She has an awesome enthusiasm for learning and helping others! Sophia leads our class by being an example of what it looks like to show Paw Pride all throughout the school day and to persevere with all she does!


Luz Sandoval Sandoval -  Luz is always participating in class and makes sure that everyone is included during group work! She always does her best work, and it shows! Keep it up Luz! I am proud of you!

Treyton Mullikin -  Treyton is always looking out for his peers in the classroom. He puts great effort into his school work, and has grown so much this year! Awesome job, buddy!

Vivi Moreno Tronrud -  She has been helpful in the classroom showing paw pride. She has also helped her classmates out when they needed help. Vivi has been respectful, responsible, and safe.

Bridget Hernandez-Ortiz -  Bridget is always helpful in our classroom, offering to partner with students whose partner is gone for the day, helping lead in group work, and always having an upbeat and positive attitude!

Jesus Reyes Aguilar -  Jesus is a very honest and kind student that is always willing to help others. He can be trusted to not only complete his work, but support others around him in a friendly and supportive way.

McKenzie Malpert -  McKenzie is a very positive person in our classroom and welcomes everyone with a smile. She also has been working very hard in class and is always willing to give extra effort. Keep it up McKenzie!

Arnulfo Romero Martinez -  Arnulfo has worked very hard this year. I am so proud of his positive attitude and willingness to try new things. He has come a long way and I am very proud of him!

Zoe Corrales Medrano -  Zoe is an amazing person. She takes each lesson and has the ability to look at it in a way that sparks higher order questions and thinking. Zoe takes it upon herself to research topics further than discussed in class. She is a self learner and deserves great recognition!