DPI issued Education Forward Guidelines
Just this morning, DPI issued Education Forward guidelines for the reopening of schools this fall. We have been working on regional reopening plans for the past month and will continue these complex, lengthy and essential discussions as we move closer to the fall. There are many scenarios that will be talked about and looked at, but as we have seen over and over again the past few months, this situation will continue to change. We remain committed to building and maintaining an educational system that allows for in-person, virtual and/or asynchronous instruction to best cover any all needs as well as provide for family choice as we head into the fall of 2020 and beyond. Our planning will blend common sense and reasonable mitigation strategies related to COVID 19 as well as the needs of a true future ready instructional model, but there may well be COVID-19 related suggestions that we are not able to meet due to other constraints or realities. We will work to communicate our plans completely and thoroughly as we draw closer to September of 2020. We will communicate much more as the summer moves on and are planning to survey parents in early July as to their feelings and needs for the fall. This information will be blended into our decision making process and a formal plan will be released around the 1st of August.