Childhood Development Screenings
The School District of Arcadia will conduct a virtual Child Development Day experience for your child to fulfill our obligation to conduct Child Find. By law, school districts are required to provide screening opportunities to all children ages 2 ½ to 4 within the district. This is called Child Find. The primary purpose is to identify children who may have developmental delays that may impact their learning as they become school age. Early diagnosis of delays can lead to interventions and participation in programs that can help reduce academic gaps that may surface in later years.
For our Child-Find efforts this year, we will be utilizing Ages and Stages (ASQ) online. The ASQ is the most widely used screening tool in the state of Wisconsin and it is easily accessible for all.
We recommend screening your children who are between the ages of 2.5 through 4 years old. To complete screening please visit Here you will find a link to complete the online screening through ASQ. Please pay close attention to the directions to ensure our district receives your child's results.
If you do not have internet access to complete the ASQ screening please contact us at 608-323-3315 x3132 to request a paper copy. We will need your name, childs name, language preferred and address to mail to. After completing the online or paper ASQ screener the district will receive your child's results. If the results warrant an evaluation we will contact you directly.